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GE Project Updates

Please note: To avoid divulging sensitive information about nesting locations etc., from now on, the Information Centre will be updated twice yearly - in September/October and March/April.

The table below shows the birds that were released in Glenveagh during 2001-2005 and their latest status.

The shaded records identify dead eagles or birds that have not been radio tracked or had their wing tags read during 2005. It would be incorrect to assume that most of these birds are dead as many no longer have active radio transmitters and several others have been seen, but not individually identified, in counties down the west coast, County Antrim and possibly Scotland over the last year. Of the 42 birds released, 26 individual eagles were known to be alive during 2005. 19 birds have been individually identified since the 28th October 2005 and another red-tagged eagle was seen on Rathlin Island recently.

Eagle Id /Wing Tags Released Collected from Sex Last Noted
Yellow 1 Spot 2001 Skye Male Radio Signal Derryveagh 24/4/03
Yellow 2 Spots 2001 Invernesshire Male Probably Seen 5/10/05
Yellow 3 Spots 2001 Lochaber Male Radio tracked 3/1/06 radio intermittent
Yellow Horizontal Bar 2001 Badenoch Female Radio Signal GNP 28/11/03
Yellow Diagonal Bar 2001 Sutherland Female Probably Seen 5/10/05
Yellow Vertical Bar 2001 Badenoch Female Died 24/8/01
Blue 0 2002 Skye Female Radio tracked 28/12/05 radio intermittent
Blue 1 2002 Sutherland Female Radio Signal Derryveagh 14/5/03
Blue 2 2002 Easter Ross Male Seen Derryveagh 14/5/03
Blue 3 2002 Skye Male Seen Glenveagh 4/01/06, radio failed ? antenna lost.
Blue 4 2002 Angus Female Radio Signal Blue Stacks 29/01/04
Blue 5 2002 Tayside Male Seen Derryveagh 4/01/06 radio intermittent
Blue 8 2002 Invernesshire Male Radio Signal Derryveagh 28/02/04
Blue 9 2002 Lochaber Female Dead, Recovered Dunlewey 9/9/04
Red A 2003 Lewis Female Radio Signal Glenveagh 8/12/04
Red C 2003 Cowal Female Radio Signal Derryveagh 7/7/04
Red F 2003 Skye Female Seen Donegal 23/12/05
Red H 2003 Skye Male Radio Signal GNP 25/01/04
Red K 2003 Invernesshire Male Radio Signal Donegal 30/03/05
Red L 2003 Canna Female Radio Signal Blue Stacks 29/2/04
Red N 2003 Sutherland Female Radio Signal GNP 9/2/04
Red O 2003 Tayside Female Radio Signal near Killybegs 9/03/04
Red S 2003 Mull Male Seen Donegal 23/12/05 Radio failed
Red T 2003 Mull Male Radio Signal Derryveagh 12/8/04 - Dropped radio
Red X 2003 Badenoch Male Radio Signal Dunlewey 26/04/05
Green A 2004 Lewis Female Radio Signal Blue Stacks 04/04/05
Green C 2004 Badenoch Female Radio Signal Buncrana 10/02/05
Green F 2004 Mull Female Radio Signal Blue Stacks 05/02/05
Green H 2004 Canna Female Seen Glenveagh 26/11/05
Green K 2004 Badenoch Male Radio Signal Blue Stacks 27/12/05
Green N 2004 Tayside Female Seen Derryveagh 4/01/06
Green O 2004 Skye Male Radio Signal SW Donegal 5/11/05
Green S 2004 Morayshire Female Dead, Recovered Glenveagh 10/12/04
Green T 2004 Skye Female Radio Signal Blue Stacks 3/01/06
Green X 2004 Tayside Female Radio Signal Blue Stacks 28/10/05
Orange 0 2005 Uists Female Seen at Food Dump 3/09/05
Orange 1 2005 Uists Male Radio tracked Blue Stacks 28/12/05
Orange 2 2005 Badenoch Male Radio tracked Glenveagh 3/01/06
Orange 3 2005 Badenoch Male Satellite tracked 18/12/05
Orange 4 2005 Tayside Female Satellite tracked 28/12/05
Orange 5 2005 Angus Male Radio tracked Blue Stacks 3/01/06
Orange 9 2005 Angus Male Seen Inishowen 31/08/05

GNP = Glenveagh National Park
* Sexing based on Biometrics not DNA Analysis